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1200 rub


The thermostat is required to automatically turn on / off the heaters depending on the set temperature (up to 8 heaters can be connected to one thermostat). If you do not install a thermostat, then you control the on / off of the heaters yourself.

Parameter Meaning
Maximum connected load 16А
Protection class IP 30
Mains characteristics 220 V, 50/60 Hz
Air temperature control range +5 to +30°C
Dimensions 75 x 75 x 25 mm (HxWxD)
Weight 100g
Mounting type wall
Sensor type air temperature sensor
Working mode lengthy
Operating conditions without supervision
Manufacturer country Germany

Installation instructions for thermostat

The installation of the temperature controller must only be carried out by a specialist in accordance with the electrical diagram shown on the inside of the housing cover. At the same time, the existing safety regulations must be observed. Safety is ensured by appropriate assembly and installation on a level, non-conductive and non-combustible surface.

This electromechanical room temperature controller, which can be installed anywhere, is designed to maintain the desired temperature only in dry and closed rooms under normal ambient conditions.

By turning the temperature setting/adjustment knob, the switch point is lower than with automatic temperature control. The switching point accuracy is only reached after approx. 1-2 hours of operation.

  • Permissible indoor humidity: maximum 95%, no condensation allowed.
  • Rated impulse voltage: 2.5 kV.
  • Ball indentation temperature: 75°C.
  • Voltage and current for EMC test purposes: 230V; 0.1 A.

Recommendations for installing a thermostat

Here are our recommendations for installing a thermostat.

The thermostat is an electromechanical room thermostat operating on 220V. It performs the function of automatic temperature control for automatic heating systems in residential areas and buildings.

Room thermostat EBERLE RTR-E 3563 (with built-in switch) – a device that is one of the components of an automatic heating system. The thermostat is usually mounted on the wall at a height of 150 cm from the floor.

During the operation of the heater TeplEko, the sensitive element of the thermostat ensures that the air temperature exactly matches the set one. At the same time, the monolithic quartz heater operates in the most economical mode.

Ease of use is ensured by the technical features of the design of the device: a circular temperature scale with markings and large mounting clips for connection. Up to 8 monolithic quartz heaters can be connected to one thermostat.

For even more economical operation automatic heating system we recommend installing a thermostat with an air sensor – as soon as the required temperature is set in the room, the device automatically turns off the heaters from the power supply, and also automatically turns on the heaters when the room temperature drops below the set temperature.

The automatic mode of operation, which is carried out by a temperature controller with an air sensor, provides the system with high efficiency and efficiency, since the duration of operation is 3-12 hours a day, depending on the insulation of the room and the air temperature outside.

The heaters can work without interruption throughout the entire heating season, and when used in conjunction with a thermostat, you can leave the device on even when you leave home.

Particularly noteworthy is the indispensability of heaters with a thermostat in country houses and cottages, if you visit them periodically – on weekends and holidays. Before leaving home or summer cottage in the cold season, you just need to set the air temperature on the thermostat, for example, + 10 ° C. In this case, the heating system will warm the air in the room up to +10°C and will prevent the appearance of excessive humidity and freezing of the house, as well as the destruction of the interior decoration and peeling off the wallpaper.

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