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Our clients and partners

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The company TeplEko, since 2010, produces energy-saving heaters. The production of heaters operates in the Kemerovo region. But deliveries of heaters for houses TeplEko are made to all regions of Russia with the help of transport companies. Therefore, no matter what region the customer is in, we can guarantee prompt delivery of the quartz heater.

During our work, many companies – representatives of small businesses and large organizations – have become our partners. After all, TeplEko can be used not only as a heater for cottages or apartments. Several domestic heaters TeplEko can be combined into an automatic heating system that can heat even a large production room.

Among the most well-known companies that have purchased economical electric heaters TeplEko – Russian Railways, EMERCOM of Russia, Neftegas, Lukoil, many schools, administrations, theaters, public institutions of different cities. Thus, our partners are those organizations that require heating not just one small room but heating a large number of spacious rooms, such as a school or a theater.

Which heater is better – everyone chooses for himself. But we can proudly say that the TeplEko home heaters serve not only individual families but also entire labor collectives.

Automatic heating systems made of economical heaters manufactured by us are installed in various production facilities. In particular, our partners are:

Our company is engaged in charitable activities: we support charity foundations that help orphans, disabled children, the elderly, senior citizens, and persons of especially respectable age (90 years and older), including disabled people and veterans of World War II who have survived to the present time, people affected by radiation and disabled people of Chernobyl.

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