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The energy efficient heater "Tepleko" is made of the purest quartz sand with high heat storage properties, which allows you to achieve the maximum effect of energy saving. More details...


Quartz-basalt heater "TeplEko" differs from other models in increased strength characteristics and the highest wear resistance. More details...


Quartz-shungite heater "TeplEko" has a beneficial effect on the human body, filling the air with useful ions, thanks to the addition of shungite chips.
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Heater Tepleko universal

Heater TeplEko with the addition of basalt

Heater TeplEko with the addition of shungite

Automated heating system (ASO)

Possessing a mass of undeniable advantages, Tepleko quartz heaters are widely used to organize electric heating (main or additional) in cottages and country houses. Often, such heating is the only available way to heat them. Electric heating systems based on Tepleko heaters with minimal initial costs are reliable, safe and quiet. They are characterized by ease of installation and operation. More details...

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Efficient, economical and easy-to-use heaters "Tepleko" are able to heat an apartment on their own, or even be an additional source of heat. You can feel the effect of the “Russian stove” and significantly save on heating after installing energy-efficient heaters “Tepleko” in conjunction with a thermostat or remote programmers such as a GSM socket or a Wi-Fi socket. More details...

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Providing comfortable air for such buildings with high heat losses requires huge financial investments. Industrial heating based on "Tepleko" heaters allows you to save space as much as possible, easily switch to an economical mode, and also heat up areas of the premises. Installation of two tariff meters contributes to significant cost optimization. More details...

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Accessories for heaters TeplEko

We have developed accessories, thanks to which you can create a multifunctional heater.

Our advantages

Due to the use of highly purified quartz sand, the highest heat capacity is achieved
Our heaters consume no more than 2.5 kW per day with heating of 15 m3.
Thanks to GSM sockets, you can fully automate the heating system


Economical and safe! Energy efficient heater "Tepleko"

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