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6400 rub

GSM socket

SMS-socket has a function of climate control and completely replaces the thermostat + allows you to control heaters at a distance!

GSM socket (SMS socket) is an intelligent device with a GSM module that allows you to remotely turn on and off the heaters from your mobile phone with simple SMS commands or voice calls. You can also control the automatic heating system depending on the temperature and schedule. It is one of the components of popularity in recent years of a smart home.

Fire or security sensors can be connected to the socket. From such sensors, you can receive notifications about the appearance of smoke, fire, opening a window, door. For this, instructions for use are attached. The socket with gsm control is easy to set up. Masters will show you how to work with equipment, tell you about its properties and teach you how to use it correctly. It is possible to set the temperature range in which the outlet will automatically turn off and on when the desired temperature is reached. With the help of a temperature sensor, you can find out how many degrees are in the room at a given time. You can set temperature limits, beyond which the sensor will send a message to the user’s phone.

It is possible to control a socket with a SIM card on a schedule. Set the days of the week and the time range when the outlet will work. For example, on Monday at 10:00 it turns on and off at 20:00, and on Sunday, when you are absent, the device does not work all day and turns on only in the evening at 17:20. You can control the operation of equipment manually.

We offer to buy the best smart sockets with a sim card and a temperature sensor at an affordable price. Find out the cost on the TeplEko website. You can watch videos, specifications and familiarize yourself with the main functions of the socket. Full instructions are also attached.

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Parameter name Value
Climate control function available
Wireless control support available
The total power consumption, kW. 3,5

SMS socket is a smart device that controls the equipment on the principle of Smart Home. This device allows you to turn on and off the heaters via a mobile phone, set the operating time of devices and the heating temperature limit. Multifunctional GSM socket, the instructions for which allow its use in rooms with high humidity, is equipped with a built-in remote module, thermostat, and temperature control sensor.

Using and connecting a GSM socket:

The product operates from the standard mains and can withstand a load of up to 3.5 kW. Up to 8 heaters can be connected to it simultaneously. Its installation does not require any special efforts. The equipment is accompanied by a manual in Russian, which describes the detailed steps of its installation.


  1. Does not require the usage of a special SIM card. Works through the cellular network of any mobile operators;
  2. Each smart socket, the instructions confirm this, can simultaneously interact with 5 numbers and receive both SMS and voice commands;
  3. It will send a text alert to the user in the event of a power outage;
  4. In case of too high or low temperature in the premise, it will independently turn on or off the device.   Download the manual GSM-socket

The smart socket will save you time and money. It will take over some of the household chores – will eliminate the need to control the air temperature, constantly adjust and monitor the heating devices. It is a reliable, functional assistant by which you can connect the air conditioning system, lighting, irrigation, computer equipment, and any other household appliances.

How to buy an SMS socket TeplEko

You can purchase the smart device for automatic control of appliances on the company’s website by filling out an online form or calling the phone number at the top of the site. We guarantee to all our customers:

  • affordable prices from the manufacturer;
  • information support at all stages of cooperation;
  • convenient form of payment;
  • fast and reliable delivery.


Main functions of the smart socket (GSM socket)

    • Built-in GSM module allows you to remotely control the automatic heating system regardless of your location

Remote control of the SMS socket via SMS commands

    • Control from 5 numbers
    • SMS-notification to the user in case of power outage in the premise

Notification the user of an automated heating system in case of a power outage.

    • Scheduled operation mode and on/off mode by timer

Automation of the heating control system according to a preset schedule: setting the time of power on/off at the output of the smart socket.

    • Button for manual control of heaters (or any other load) at the output

Connection of any other electrical appliances to the gsm socket, including through a network splitter, with a total power consumption of up to 3.5 kW

    • External temperature sensor and climate control function

The ability to control changes and adjust the temperature in the premise where installed the GSM socket is. Automatic operation depending on the temperature: used to keep the temperature within the preset range or at the level of the set exact value. Instant notification of the user of the GSM socket about the indoor temperature in case of sudden changes and/or when the set temperature value is reached by sending an SMS message.

GSM socket may be used separately with any other load up to 3.5 kW.

GSM socket saves your time and money. You will be able at any time, wherever you are, to use SMS commands to turn on / off the devices connected to the SMS socket, for example:

  • household electrical appliances
  • home and office lighting systems
  • heating and water heating systems
  • air conditioning systems and the Warm Floor
  • lawn and plant irrigation systems
  • computers, servers, monitoring systems, security, and much more
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